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2018 SAIV Leadership Institute Application

We’re excited that you’re applying for the South Asian InterVarsity Leadership Institute!

Join a community of ethnically diverse South Asian students and be equipped them for greater leadership on your campus. At the insitiute, you will expereince one-on-one mentoring from South Asian staff, deep study in scripture, South Asian specific missional experiences, ethnic identity transformation, and passionate prayer. We believe this is a one-of-kind opportunity that will dramatically catalyze your leadership and spiritual influence.

Institute alumni have gone on to plant new small groups and chapters, lead growth in existing chapters, come on InterVarsity staff and become dynamic missionaries wherever they go. In short, there is nothing else like this in the country and you want students in your region to be there!

  • January 3-7 in Orlando, FL
  • Registration cost: $275 (apply by October 15) | $375 (apply by November 17)
    • Deposit of $100 required upon submitting your application; if you are not accepted, you will be refunded
    • Included in registration: housing, materials, meals, transportation to/from airport
    • Not included: flights, dinner during night out

As you fill out the application, please be as thorough as possible to help us understand where you are. In order to sign the document electronically, please type your name and your zip code. 

- SAIV Leadership Institute Planning Team


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