Ministries Near You

Asian American students and staff participate in InterVarsity’s campus ministries in both general and Asian American-specific fellowships. To view where we have Asian American-specific fellowships, we invite you to find a chapter.

But not all Asian American students are in an Asian American-specific ministry. In fact, more than 2/3 of the Asian American students in InterVarsity are involved in a general fellowship. Search our InterVarsity Chapter Database for a fellowship near you. 

Couldn’t find a ministry at a campus near you? Maybe God is inviting you to start one! We have different ministries focused towards the East Asian community, the South Asian community, the Pilipino community, and the Southeast Asian community – and we are hoping to see ministries to even more Asian American ethnic communities. If you are interested in starting a ministry on a camps near you, we can (and would be thrilled to) help you Start a Chapter!